Lower Camp


During The Outdoor Education Center’s summer camp sessions, our Leaders In Action middle school students from West Virginia and our Scholars students from our DC programs have the opportunity to come together and experience something that they may not have had otherwise. In the summer, our students come for one or two weeks (depending on their preference and behavior). Throughout their stay at camp, they are given many opportunities to enhance their overall quality of life. Relationships between the students are formed, stereotypes are shattered, fears are overcome, and incredible experiences are gained. Even though the students’ time at camp may be short, friendships still carry on after the campers leave. Even today, many of our students carry on those friendships with their peers, even though they live an hour and a half apart. Because this life changing experience impacts them so much, many of our students are eager for the chance to attend summer camp the following year and engage in this exciting program that provides them a fun and educational summer with never ending memories!

Below is a description of the Summer Camp Programs that our students will be enjoying this year…

Wilderness Voyagers Camp: Do you love the outdoors? Would you know how to survive using only materials you find in your natural environment? Students will join us for a 5 day over night camp in beautiful Harpers Ferry, WV. They have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with hands on and engaging activities to further their knowledge of important survival skills, plant identification, navigation skills, shelter making, and more! Students will even get to gather their own food (at a local farm) and prepare their own meals in a primitive environment!

Arts on the Mountain Camp: Our students love to be creative and use their artistic abilities. The Outdoor Education Center is holding a new camp this year, for our students, focused on art in natural and urban settings. This 5 day, overnight camp will allow students to appreciate the art found in their natural environment, while also noticing the beauty in their everyday life.

Ridge to River Adventure Camp (x2): In this camp, our students get to enjoy some of the most beautiful nature West Virginia has to offer. Students team up with friends, new and old, for fun activities in the outdoors. Whether they’re canoeing on the Shenandoah or backpacking in a National Park, they will be sure to have an experience they will never forget.

These won’t be your average tours – we will be exploring these industries through interactive and hands-on trips with a new appreciation and interest that will leave our students wanting more.

For more information about our summer camps or any mission based program please contact our program coordinator Deidra Goodwin at dgoodwin@floc.org or 304-725-0409.